El Sarao de la Chacona. Joan Araniés

sin IVA

Mercedes Hernández, soprano
Laia Frigolè, soprano
Marta Infante, alto
David Hernández, tenor
Tomàs Maxé, bass
Raúl Orellana, violin
Manuel Vilas, harp
Oriol Aymat, violoncello
Pere Olivé, percussion
Rafael Bonavita, baroque guitar and conductor

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Joan Araniés (c1580-c1650) | second book of tons and villancicos in one, two, three and four voices. Rome 1624

The Sarao de la Chacona recovers for the first time in a comprehensive way the compositions of Joan Araniés, published in Rome in the year 1624. Most of the pieces collected there harmonize with the profane hispanic repertoire characteristic of the first half of the XVII century. The most representative genre of the collection is romance. The popular basis, dyed with refinements and cultism, is the dominant element of the texts of a musical repertoire that has been preserved almost in manuscript form and from which, for this same reason, we only know a small sample of everything that should have circulated during the first decades of the seventeenth century. The texts musicalized by Araniés are an excellent sample of this new perception and poetic sensibility.

Joan Araniés
  1. A la luz del día
  2. Dígame un requiebro
  3. Para recibir a Lisa
  1. San Juan de Lima con sus diferencias (instrumental)
Joan Araniés
  1. Dulce desdén (text de Lope de Vega)
Andrea Falconieri
  1. La suave melodia (instrumental)
Joan Araniés
  1. Pensamientos altos
  2. Avecillas suaves
  3. Mi zagala
Marco Uccellini
  1. Sonata seconda detta ‘La Luciminia contenta’ (instrumental)
Joan Araniés
  1. En dos lucientes estrellas (text de Luís de Góngora)
  2. Halconcillo nuevo
  3. Aquel niño
  1. Lanchas para baylar (instrumental)
Joan Araniés
  1. Parten las galeras
  2. Un sarao de la Chacona