Technical Basics of Oboe Playing. Junior edition

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Junior Edition - Oboe

Andreas Mendel & Andrea Glaser-Riefellner

The Junior Edition is a collection of tried and tested exercises, which will enable you to acquire an effective and comprehensive technique. It is adressed to a younger audience.

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1. Warm-up

           Embouchure exercises (reed only)
           Slow scales
           Fifths and fourths

2. Exercise for sound and legato (by Albrecht Mayer)

3. Transition over the break

4. Exercises in different keys – MAJOR (up to 3# and 3b)
           1. Scale, basic pattern, possible variations,
               Triplet scale, 5-note scale, scale with auxiliary note
           2. Chromatic scale
           3. Thirds
           4. Staccato
           5. Arpeggios

5. Exercises in different keys – MINOR (up to 3# and 3b)
           1.1. & 1.2. harmonic minor
           1.3. melodic minor
           1.4. natural minor

Since some instruments do not extend to low B or B flat, the exercises begin on low C (c‘). The highest note is generally top C (c‘‘‘), although some exercises extend to top E flat (E flat‘‘‘).