Technical Basics of Oboe Playing. Master Edition

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Technical Basics of Oboe Playing - Master Edition

Andreas Mendel

64 pages

KONIKOS Verlag Andreas Mendel, April 2021 (1st Edition)


size: 30,5 x 23 x 0,7

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Master Edition

English translation: Sasha Calin

1. Finger and hand positioning

2. Technique

2.1   Warm-up

2.2. Finger control

2.3. Transition over the break

2.4. Basic pattern

3. Arpeggios (by Emanuel Abbühl)

4. Embouchure training

5. Double tonguing (by Andreas Schultze-Florey)

6. Optimising embourchure muscle function in wind players (by Herta Maurer-Kraft)

7. Air-flow and support

> An overview about the complex notion of support

> Five questions addressing air-flow and support:

Clara Dent-Bogàny

Nick Deutsch

Albrecht Mayer

Marie-Luise Modersohn

Daniela Tessmann

Christian Wetzel

Gregor Witt

8. Breathing & Sound (by Isa Terwiesche)