Bassoon Technical Basics

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Bases techniques du basson

Bernhard Krabatsch & Andreas Mendel 

KONIKOS Verlag Andreas Mendel, October 2020 (1st edition)

Texts in English and German.  Music book, 112 pages.

Size: 30,5 x 23 x 0,7


Major Edition - Bassoon

 Bernhard Krabatsch & Andreas Mendel

This book is a collection of tried and tested exercises, which will enable you to acquire an effective and comprehensive technique. They are systematically arranged and alternate “flowing” exercises, which train fluency and consistency, with “repeated” exercises, which improve the precision of difficult finger movements. 

 The following exercises appear in each key:

  • Scale, possible variations, 5-note scale, scale with auxiliary note, basic pattern, scale with auxiliary note
  • Thirds, repeated, flowing, with auxiliary note
  • Fourths, repeated, flowing, with auxiliary note
  • Staccato
  • Arpeggios, arpeggios with variations

The book will conclude with daily exercises for developing a good sound (Prof. Albrecht Holder), with half-holed fingerings exercises and with another exercise training diminished arpeggios (Prof. David Seidel)

This study book consists of 112 pages and is a wonderful supplement to daily practice for bassoon players of almost every level.