g Medir - Congrès Bassons Strasbourg 2012
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Congrès Bassons Strasbourg 2012

Congrès Bassons Strasbourg 2012

7es Rencontres internationales de l'association Bassons.

We are pleased to announce the forthcoming International Bassoon Conference to be held in Strasburg. A much anticipated event for many bassoonist and music lovers in general.

The presented program is exciting for everyone, including a high level music competition, master classes taught by prestigious musicians, interesting lectures and many concerts.

Also there will be an exhibitor fair that we do not want to miss. There we will expose our products: our genuine cane, from both in its basic form as the processed material as shown in our catalog, and obviously also the finished reeds considered as from the best quality.

We expect a large number of visitors and hopefully we can greet you personally.

Always at your service,

Carles Medir.
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